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    I use a crit damage d/d + sb in pve with valkyrie/knight/berzerkers equipment mix for PvE. This is because in PvE (especially dungeons) when groups of mobs ball up nothing can really outdamage cluster bomb/ death blossom spams. I tend to switch out my slot skills especially in fractals where certain skills are invaluable, for example smoke screen in the unspecified fractal, needle trap when fighting the legendary dredge battle suit/legendary elemental and shadowstep in the swamp fractal. Other than that I tend to keep shadow refuge and signet of shadows on my bar most of the time.

    In WvW single target damage is more important so I actually use the p/d condi build with a sb for my second set. Imo the key to success in this build is not only to spec for condi damage but also for duration, for example my equipment set and traits gives me a +75% duration on my 4s pistol bleeds.
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    I like the stealth options that thieves have but I dislike the mechanic for general PvE because it breaks aggro and often causes mobs to heal up.
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    That build looks nice, Xunlai.
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    The perma blind sword pbaoe is hugely powerful, recently I have been experimenting with hitting from stealth pretty much every other hit which means you can forget precision (wear full Valkyrie's) because you are guaranteed to critical every time you strike from the shadows:

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