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    The Order Of Dii [Dii]


    Talking Introduce yourselves to the GWO Guild Wars 2 community!

    For the longest time, over 7 years now actually, we here at GWO have had an "Introduction Thread for New Community Members" for everyone embarking on the adventure that is Guild Wars with us. Now that Guild Wars 2 is launching literally within weeks, it is time that we get a Guild Wars 2 - specific one!

    So here goes. This thread is henceforth for all members, new and old, to introduce themselves to each other.

    Please make everyone feels at home, looking forward to meeting you all!
    IGN Bark N Mad. Officer in The Order of Dii [Dii]

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    Fort Aspenwood

    Hey, I'm Flamefang, as you can probably see in the little rectangle to the left.

    I've been here for quite a while, since some time in 2007 I think, though the same rectangle should also be able to sate your curiosity should I happen to be incorrect. I'm not entirely sure what we're supposed to post here, so it may be best to brace yourself for a short and indiscriminate rant. I visit this site fairly frequently, some times as much as several times a day, though for the most part my actual contributions are few and far between. When I do post, however, I tend to post in long segments which I'm sure bore most readers to death. Of course, this was my objective all along. Clearly, I'm here to snipe from the shadows with specially targeted paragraphs and sentences in order to reduce your brains to a bloody pulp. Or, perhaps not.

    Regardless, I'm around whether you know it or not, and I probably will be for the foreseeable future. My forum name for the official GW2 forums is: Flamefang.9230. Feel free to contact me here, there, or in-game (GW1/GW2), I don't bite... much...

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    Jade Quarry

    Welcome to the newcomers, welcome back to the returning members, and good day to the regulars.

    I'm Satomz and I'm the current moderator of Fan Arts & Fiction (come visit!) and the Recruitment Forums. If you have seen a Satomz elsewhere, it's probably me.

    I picked up the original Guild Wars in the early fall of 2005. I began lurking in the Fan Arts forum here back in May of 2006 and slowly found my way into the other parts of the forum.

    Well then, since I don't have anything more to say, see you all around in-game and on the forums.
    -------------Fan Arts of all Types & Guild & Alliance Matchup & GW1-------------

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    Jade Quarry

    Blinkie Ponie Armie [BPA]

    Hi, I'm Raye. :3
    /waves frantially
    I feel like I typed this already today... I think it was a different thread <____< at any rate, I'm silly.

    I've been playing GW since late 2007 or so and have been in the forums for years now... I love that we have a tight community over here, and hopefully it'll grow with more cool people.

    Also, guardians are awesome. kthxbai

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    Tarnished Coast

    The Order of Dii [Dii], Do Not Revive Asura [Ever], When Zergs Collide [CERN]


    GWO has been my first forum community I have interacted with since I joined some time ago. I enjoy the community here - <3 - and look forward to continuing with GWO as I continue with GW2. In general gaming I love anything closest to "dark arts"; Necromancer it has been in GW. I enjoy doing anything that is creative and really enjoy RP in-game.

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    Stormbluff Isle

    I actually played gw1 from release and for several years. I joined the forum but clearly have been terrible about posting here :P I've been out of gw1 for awhile now and thought becoming active on the forums would be a good way to make friends for gw2 :)

    I recognize a number of you actually - Hi its Cass/Tyriel

    Will be playing an elementalist in-game, I love ranged classes and support roles. I've missed the community and can't wait to get back, guild wars has one of the best gaming communities out there, by far.

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    Hi *wave*

    I've been playing GW since a couple of months after release and have big hearts for my ranger.

    I'm not a big talker though so ... bye

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    Dii, TRUE

    Heyo I didn't even see this thread hehe

    I've been here (mostly as a lurker) since 2004! I only started really posting here a couple of years ago, when I joined TRUE, and I really enjoy the community here. I've never really participated in forums before here, so this is pretty much the only place I come

    I took a lonnnngg break from GW, then went back for all the War in Kryta stuff & to get my HoM to 30/50, but haven't played pretty much at all since then. Really looking forward to getting back in game with everyone in just over a week (!!!)!!!!OeN!@#12

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    Hello all

    I have been here since before release and until recently quite active. (Real life is annoying that way).

    I am really looking forward to the release of Guild Wars 2. I'm very ready to immerse myself in Arenanet's second offering. Can't wait!!!!

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    Hey GWO peeps!

    I played GW1 since before Prophecies was called Prophecies, and played all the expansions. My first guild was TRUE (and they helped me get my first FoW armor when I was a clueless noob). Went through a couple of others and found a home in Gathering of Friends, where I spent most of my GW life. I left GW when GoF dissolved and went off to play Eve, Rift, and WoW, but never enjoyed them as much as GW.

    Just recently returned to do GW Beyond and get ready for GW2. Only linking one GW1 account and still working on HoM. You'll see my main in-game as Doyle, or something similar. Hoping to hook up with old friends and looking forward to meeting new ones!

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