Update hasn't gone live yet, but we were provided with some notesy notes yaaaay

  • Absolute Resolution: This trait now functions with Battle Presence.

  • Battle Presence: This trait no longer misses pulses or spams ďimmuneĒ text.

  • Empower: This skill now appropriately applies might for 10 seconds.

  • Selfless Daring: This trait no longer enables players to break knockback effects.

  • Shield of the Avenger: Fixed the damage displayed in this skillís Command variant.

  • Spirit weapons are now susceptible to attacks.

  • Sword of Justice: Fixed the damage displayed the descriptions for this skill and its Command variant.

  • Sword Wave: This skill is now able to strike gadgets that are low to the ground.

  • Zealotís Flame: Added burning information to this skillís description.

Yay for empower fix! I had no idea it was busted <_< but more importantly, spirit weapons can now take damage. Seems like that was in order.