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@MisterB: hahah, well, the question was more rhetorical. There's lots of good reasons to not use minions.

I understood it was a rhetorical question, but I thought I'd have a little fun listing reasons not to use them. I think the lack of energy as a resource, soul reaping, direct minion healing, and minion buffs(ZOMG, Death Nova and Order of Undeath!) that all were present in GW makes GW2 minions... less than optimal given the other shortcomings in my previous post. Still, some players like to summon an army of fleshy friends to tear their enemies apart, and minions can still do that.

When I said jumping underwater to get rid of minions, I meant that you can choose not to equip them underwater as a method of disposal or changing your build in that environment. I really, really, hate uncontrolled aggro in a three dimensional environment. We also can't use marks or wells to heal minions underwater. How do you heal them there?

I honestly am altogether terrible at my necro underwater: none of my skills, weapons, and traits function there, and I haven't found a way to adapt yet. It doesn't help me any that there's different Death Shroud skills there, too.