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    Notes from Livestream with Colin from earlier today (Friday, 18th)

    Found, and posted in reddit. Just copy pastaing.

    Here are my notes from the recent livestream with Colin Johanson. Most are just reiterations of the previous livestream, but hopefully there's some information here that is useful or new to you.

    *Guild Wars 2 has sold way past their expectations. They reached their core user base around a month back, and the population has been steadily growing each week.

    *Crowns are renamed to laurels because crowns in certain languages mean bad things. Anyone have any idea what languages he's possibly talking about?

    *Different dailies coming in the future. Chauncey is coming in the January patch (I think?). The patchnotes will contain a story about Chauncey von Snuffles the Third.

    *First step towards culling in January patch (source: Thanks LiveSpartan235)

    *Progression in WvW is coming. You'll be able to earn unique skills the more you WvW. Additionally, you'll be recognized for your efforts in WvW (ex. the different skills you can earn, etc)

    *Charr is the least played race. :'( All the classes are relatively equally spread out. (I'm surprised by the class statement. I don't see many engineers at all D:)

    *Initial dailies will take you throughout the world. When they introduce dailies you can choose to complete later down the line (ie. 4 out of 6), they'll introduce other dailies like Keg Brawl matches or Jumping Puzzles. They also want to add whole new content in different areas for dailies so when you go there, it won't be totally the same.

    *Guesting coming, paid server transfers, yadda yadda. Cost will vary based on server population. Very full = a lot more expensive. Lower servers will be relatively cheap.

    *Guesting has been near done for a while now, but they always ran into last minute bugs before each major release, which is why it took so long to implement.

    *They are looking to fix loot across the world so that going through the world is much more worthwhile. They want to keep low level drops too though, so it's something they're going to figure out.
    THEY ARE THINNING OUT THE RISEN DENSITY IN ORR!!!!!!!! (In January) Adding new rewards in Orr, as well as new WAYPOINTS that are always active. They are also tweaking temple bosses so they are funner in large groups.

    Player Question Liveupdating (I will update this as questions get asked) (The stream ended as of 6:59 PM PST)

    1) Player Housing?: They will look into it in the future, but guild halls will be guaranteed. No date though.

    2) Any plans to tweak precursors?: What they'd like to do in the long-run is a scavenger hunt. They want to make it right, and they are in the midst of designing it right now, and will start working on it when the design is where they want it. They want it to feel epic. They will also be adding new ways to get precursors before they do the scavenger hunt to ease the wait.

    3) LFG tool?: Shoutout to GW2LFG from Colin! Even he uses it all the time. A team is actually working on this right now, but they are NOT working on a dungeon finder tool. Not something you'll see for a few months, but it is coming.

    4) Additional cosmetic features?: Yes, down the road.

    5) New races?: On the list of things they could do, but it's something they want to do with an expansion. Also, no guarantees.
    OMG yay! Guild halls! and first Culling fix! squeeeee and also... less zombies in Orr, woot woot.
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    Thanks for posting that. Some great news in there.

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