They FINALLY posted these, and yes, there will be a new one posted tomorrow for this week as long as it updates. I'll try to keep commentary to last week rather than this week. :3

And Euro:

Over in tier 1 US, War Machine left SBI for the sunny shores of Kaineng, after a statement from the guild that went along the lines of "we've been exploiting in tier 1, we don't want to have to exploit, so we're moving to a lower tier" Um. okay. Bye. SBI, despite having numerous other wrecking crews has suffered from their loss and it's been showing.

The holidays has been a strange time for everyone, a mix of increased numbers as people don't have the daily humdrum grind of life, where as a lot of people have fallen off the planet to spend time with friends and family.

Speaking of Kaineng, they've been a pretty strong server over the past couple of weeks, leaving ET and Ferg's eating dust, but with the addition of WM the score's just been crazy cakes. Devona's Rest definitely have been pushing like crazy and I expect to see them in tier 2 or 3 not before long and taking names down there.

Over in Euro land, the big move of Aussie guild PRX to Seafarer's didn't go as smooth as they'd hope and the German's of Vizunah have been keeping them down (Note from this week, SFR have pushed ahead to first, let's see what next week brings)

Aurora Glade are apparently thrilled to bits that they've jumped up 2 ratings and are on a blue server for a change. Congrats, guys :D

Aaaand the rest of Euro is weird. *skips off*

Like I said, will hopefully bring out the post for after reset, as long as ANet gives us some scores. :D Yay.