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    January 4th WvW Ratings

    ANet used to be so prompt getting the results into nice pretty image format, but are late again, and I don't wanna wait til Thursday again :|

    So here:


    This will have to do. :D


    No idea what happened this past week, but on New Years Eve, Jade Quarry took the lead on Sea of Sorrows while the aussies were either drunk or hungover from New Years and we kind of just kept rolling. I was there when we took the lead, and the points just kept rolling in and rolling in, keeping a steady 500+ tic for quite some time, even holding Stonemist for quite some time, some days even long enough to get the Waypoint up. Go go JQ!

    Image from one of JQ's most visable WvW guilds, Emperium, taken a few hours before reset. god i love this image. WP on SoS's three keeps. trololo.

    It was a solid week for morale, recruitment and of course bandwagoners, but hey, hopefully we'll get some permanent residents. JQ's always after fresh talent whether one man yak snipers or giant zergs of loot bag generating madness. Join us at JadeQuarry.com As always, any resident JQers interested in our community, get in touch! <3

    Mad props to SBI though, you guys didn't roll over and kept us on our toes even in the wee hours and you held StoneMist pretty firm for quite some time.

    Outside of Tier 1 US....

    Blackgate is creeping closer and closer to tier 1, and Devona's Rest is bounding up the tables a bit more too. In Tier 7, Kaineng is blowing everyone else out of the water, currently 5 times over the other two teams combined. War Machine must be very settled over there now and with the strong force the server already had, they should be coming up the ranks pretty damn fast.

    Over in Europe the French of Vizunah are beating back the champions of Seafarer's Rest. And Desolation have jumped up 2 rankings to get to 1st in Tier 2, interested to see what they do over there, personally, as I know a few people over on Desolation.

    Aurora Glade no longer on blue and first in their tier this week, though are currently second. Let's see how the week plays for you guys, you sure do yo-yo about a fair bit. Must be some interesting matches down that way.

    I always feel sorry for the last 2 tiers of Euro WvW and US too, they're just sort of.... there. Major respect to those fighting the good fight down there though!

    Well, here's to another fun week of fighting. When/If ANet get the results up I'll add 'em to this post. Stay classy and remember, if it's red, it's dead. /salute. See ya on the borderlands.

    Edit: Remember, WvW is a great place to get the Event participation for this month's monthlies in! Can do it alongside your WvW kills!
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