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    PVP Engineer Seckilling Flow

    Since Guild Wars 2 release from last August, Engineer spend much time from a figure in a shade to famous for grenade erupt flow. While, it is just for a short while later, this strong skill was weakened by ArenaNet. Consequently, Engineer becomes downfall again. In PVP battlefield, we may feel sperturbed when there is one Engineer in our team until last time I'm seckilled by an Engineer. I was shocked at that moment. Isn't it a new bug or something? So I play Engineer again to search and discover what kind of skills do Engineer has at the moment. Finally, I got the answer. Are you curious about it? Just read on.

    You can see from the picture above that I used the heavy-armor robot as my trial target, which is able to cause 14,000 to 16,000 damage in a second. When heavy-armor can cause so high damage, let alone other armors. But do you know how could he cause so powerful damage?

    Above is the picture to distribute the trait points. If you want to come into being seckilling effect, you should distribute our trait points as above.

    1. Grenadier: Make grenade throwing range extent to 125%; you can throw one more grenade when you throw a grenade.
    2. Kit Refinement: Equipment Kit causes an attack and creates a spell.
    3. Static Discharge: Release a flashing ball when you use Tool Belt.

    You mainly depend on grenade when you cause seckilling to your foes, so it is necessary to get one more grenade. The skill of Kit Refinement seems nonsense, actually, it is also the core to cause seckilling. When you switch into Grenade Kit, it will throw out 6 grenades to you, which plus another 7 grenades of F2 skill, and characteristics static release, you can cause up to 14 times attack to your foes!

    Hereto, we basically know that what is the main output method. But how can we hit all the enemies or at least a majority of them? I find out in actual combat that when use the Grenade Barrage of F2 skill and switch Grenade Kit, the skills will produce a fan-shaped parabola. When you step closer and closer to the opponents, the grenades you release will keep out by the targets, thereby, causes great damage to them. It is easy to achieve this effect. You just need to immobilize the targets through Net Shot, then switch into grenade and activate F2 when you stand close to them. The targets will fall on the ground at that time. Then, exert Elixir S and press button F. After that, you make victory. So easy, isn't it?
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    Where's the report button?

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    Report button is on the bottom left of the post, looks like a little triangle with an exclamation point. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
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