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    Urban Battleground

    Damage-values based on low level encounters.
    Last edit 15.04.2013.

    Note: Agony starts affecting on Tier 2 (Level 10-19), getting stronger each Tier.

    Urban Battleground

    • You start with group of powerful Charr NPCs. Resurrect them if needed.
    • Area is filled with Veteran-Ascalonians (2 Cultists, 2 Mages, 1 Monk and 2 Warriors keep respawning).
    • Stick to left to avoid enemies.

    Siegemaster Dulfy
    • With 2 Ballistas [Slow], 3 Burning Oils and multiple Arrow Cars [Weak].
    • Replenishes Ballistas while alive.
    • Destroy 3 Burning Oils (Structure) above door. Focus Dulfy.
    • Sever Artery (1): Melee. Low damage and Bleeding.
    • Gash (2): Melee. Low damage and Bleeding.
    • Final Thrust (3): Melee. Low damage and Bleeding.
    • Fiery Block: Channeled Block. Burning (1 s) per hit. "Kneels and hides behind shield".
    • Siege Strike: Marks target. Something happens.

    After first gate
    • Way is random, avoid blockades.
    • Area is filled with groups of Veteran-Ascalonians and Ballistas [Slow].
    • Make sure NPCs survive with you.

    After second gate
    • Area is filled groups of Veteran-Ascalonians, Ballistas [Rapid] and Arrow Carts.
    • Hide from siege weapons behind statues. Pull enemies and kill everything.
      - Again NPCs should be the ones taking all hits.
    • Try kill Structures before last enemy (capping starts when all enemies are dead).
      - Resurrect NPCs while waiting.
    • Protect Shaman from 6 groups of Veteran-Ascalonians (1 Cultist, 2 Monks).

    Captain Ashym (Legendary), Sword & Shield
    • At 75% swaps to Staff.
    • Aura: Protection and Retaliation.
    • Summons Ascalonian Squire (Veteran).
    • Savage Leap: Leap with PBAoE. Medium damage. "Leaps sword forward".
    • Blinding Blade: Melee. Medium damage and Blind (2 s).
    • Fiery Block: Channeled Block. Burning (1 s) per hit. "Kneels and hides behind shield".

    Captain Ashym (Legendary), Staff
    • At 25% shouts "We will never surrender!". If anyone goes melee he switches to Fiery Greatsword.
    • Get out of combat for regeneration if needed.
    • Aura: Protection and Retaliation.
    • Summons Ascalonian Squire (Veteran).
    • Meteor Shower (PBAoE): Small PBAOE + Bigger PBAoE. Medium damage, Burning (2 s) and Agony per hit. "Glows and hold staff forward".
      - Dodging both requires very precise timing (block + evade is easier).
      - Staying at range makes it much easier.
    • Meteor Shower (AoE): Small AoEs on big area over time (extreme damage). High damage per hit. "Raises glowing left arm behind back".
    • Flamewall: Ticking AoE. Low damage and Burning (3 s) per hit. "Raises glowing left arm".

    Captain Ashym (Legendary), Fiery Greatsword
    • Aura: Retaliation.
    • Rage: Might (60 s) every 3 s. Results in 20 Might.
    • Flame Wave: Channeled 4 projectiles in ~2.5 s (extreme damage). High damage per hit. "Waves sword".
    • Flamewave: Two melee-hits + Ticking AoE. Medium damage per hit. Burning (2 s) per hit. "Sticks sword to ground".
    • Firestorm: Ticking AoE (fatal damage). High damage per tick. "Raises sword".
    • Fiery Whirl: Dash with channeled PBAoE (extreme damage). High damage and Crippled per hit.
    • Rush End: Dash. Very high damage.

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