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    Jan 18th WvW truffle-shuffle.

    ANet haven't put up the ratings yet (Y SO SLOW!?) so we'll just use matchup's pages for now and I'll update with pretty pictures when I can.


    The major thing announced this past week was the end of free transfers, and with it the end of free hopping servers for the best possible WvW, so this is the last week to get a taster for your home server, and as predicted, it is affecting WvW like woah. Guilds flying out of every tier and looking to make a forever home for themselves. So expect wild scores and busted tiers this week + next once everyone settles in.

    Over in the North American tiers SBI have continued with their fall down the ranks. From falling from 3rd place in tier 1, they went straight to 3rd place in tier 2. I'm not sure if the rating points will change enough to push SBI out to tier 3, so they may find some footing in tier 2 for a little while longer. I hope so, there's some decent guys out on SBI, those that haven't transferred off already anyway.

    And going in the totally opposite direction, Maguuma are dominating the heck out of things recently. I don't know what's in the water over there, but damn I want some of it. Currently in tier 4, they'll be in 3 next week and who knows where else the week after.

    IoJ has suffered heavy losses this week with a lot of people transferring off, and more leaving every day. I think they're up to around 19-20 major WvW guilds transferred off their World and gone elsewhere. Sanctum of Rall has had a lot of incoming people, as has Tarnished Coast and Crystal Desert. Fort Aspenwood is kicking booty too! Friends I'd made over in JQ have moved over there, so I'm sure they're loving it :D

    Kaineng's still leading strong with a 580-600+ point tic pretty much 24/7 and not letting the others get a word in. Will be very interesting to see if Kaineng's super guilds jump elsewhere in the next week or if they're happy over there.

    Tier 1 is still recruiting hard and fast, while full servers are getting in the way, it's not stopping the transfers slowly trickling in. I think even some of the tier 2 and 3 servers were full yesterday too. This should be fun!

    Over to Europe!

    PRX have left Seafarer's now and returned back to american soil, currently scaring the bejesus out of me on Jade Quarry (so glad they're on my side, but damn they're scary O.O) PRX leaving them will deal a heavy blow, but Seafarer's was already a pretty strong community before them, so they'll do okay I think, I hope. It seems to be battling between Seafarer's and Vizunah back and forth for a few weeks.

    I've seen Blacktide and Piken Square doing a fair bit of recruitment this past week, so their numbers could jiggle around a fair bit. Definitely ones to look out for.

    Bottom end of Europe still looks like it's going to stay there for an eternity which is a bit of a shame. Servers like that will feel the hurt the most from the end of free transfers. And everywhere else in Europe seems to be pretty stable.

    Let's see what this final week of free swapsies brings. Let's do this!

    [As always, on a more personal note, if anyone's moving over to JQ, or thinking about it, do let me know as JQ welcomes new blood and we have a kickin' community. Details of our WvW establishment are here. Or check out JQ.com in my sig :3 We're good honest guys, fun to play with and have awesome commanders :3 Go JQ! ]
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