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Well my build is pretty noobtastic, I didn't think it would be worth to post there <__<

I do wish Xunlai someday will grace us with one of his builds.
Xunlai being aggressive about 30 in crits I think was him hoping you'd put points in to power as well. Right now you crit for 180% of your normal damage, but your normal damage is basically nonexistent. I see the 30 in crits as wasted opportunity.

The build I posted in your calculator is a very solid damage build that will get you lots of kills in WvW, and it was just taking your condition points and putting them in power. When my warrior gets hit with that type of build, she loses half or more of her health in a single hit.

Because you went half condition, half crit, you don't do much damage in either category. Your armor will automatically lean you in one direction or the other, you might use that to help decide which way to go.