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Thread: Guild Upgrades

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    i have a guild for my self so everything is done on my own, for now i have pretty much everything i need.
    guild armor, guild storage and guild emblem is already done, now i am saving up allot of points to expand the storage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nkuvu View Post
    Short version -- doesn't take much to get the influence to see how this all works.
    We actually have everything unlocked and about 40k influence. The person who volunteered to take over being GL from me after we moved to GW2 was doing all the upgrade stuff, but he's decided to move on. I'm not really happy about how he handled moving, which is why I didn't ask him. lol Figured this would be a better way to learn quickly without wasting the influence others had earned (also wasn't sure what a lot of influence is for that matter). I'm just trying to keep things moving until I find another replacement now. Also thought maybe others would like to know what are the popular consumable upgrades.

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    Maintain +15% MF (easy to do so), it benefits everyone, everyone gets a little back for their efforts.

    Theme days or use things such as +5% Influence etc when worth while. For instance you need to gain 2000 influence before you break even on a +5% as it costs you 100 influence to start with, if you don't ain 2000 influence you have lost out :(. With this in mind most of other boosts are activated at the weekend. E.g. we might have a WvW night and then i'd drop a boost as I know that there will be 15-20 players doing it.

    I drop a 15% karam booster every 2 weeks with a +5% banner at a convenient location, normally the Divinity Portal to LA (as LA very often has over flows) and divinity doesn't and it's an easy trip. This is mainly for guildies who want Karma Armour.
    The rest seem a little pointless tbh.

    We currently have all the upgrades and options available to us as a guild and 150k influence in the bank.


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