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    Necro Patch Notes - Jan 28th

    Cause shawn the bum is still asleep, this edition of the necro patch notes is brought to you by Raye yaaay

    Fixed a bug that caused some minions to be overly aggressive.

    Mark of Evasion: This trait no longer enables players to break knockback effects.

    Necrotic Traversal: Fixed a bug which caused this skillís descriptionto display an incorrect amount of poison damage.

    Spinal Shivers: Fixed a bug which caused this skill to enter its full cooldown if used when facing away from the target.

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    It's nice that they fixed (supposedly, I haven't been in game yet and haven't read anything saying one way or another) but this is not the main reason people don't run minions.

    From the few times I've read the official necromancer forum, I predict there will be much complaining about it being better to be ignored than to wait for x number of months for fixes and get this in return. ;-) I think they sent the dev team something once to try to get them to post in there. lol

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