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    Feb WvW update not coming until March

    ANet have posted on the forums to let us know that various WvW is getting worked on and polished, but it wont be included in the February updated as we originally thought.

    I wanted to quickly give an update on where we stand with upcoming releases for WvW to help give a sense of where we’re at, and set expectations for the coming months. We’re in the midst of finalizing our February release, which I know had been discussed as a potentially large month for WvW additions.

    Because of how broad the WvW game type is, and how large testing for features for this area of the game can be we’re going to hold off on any major WvW updates until March to allow a bit more time to test and polish.

    March will see the release of the WuvWuv progression system, new ranks you can earn in WvW visible to all other players, and new DubVDub specific abilities/bonuses that you can earn as you rank up. Our team working on WvW will discuss this system in more detail as that date approaches.

    Full post

    Rest of the post is a lot of stuff we already knew.

    Boo, was looking forward to that update this month. Alas, not to be.
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    I look most forward to the culling fix. No more perma-stealth thieves please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawn View Post
    Now this has me curious as to what's coming in Feburary. I mean, I'm not sure if they'd have this month as Frost and Flame again, even though Jan was technically just the prelude, it's supposed to be a living story thing that ramps up over time rather than a big "boom update stuff happening!" thing.
    Since you posted it has been announced that February 26 will bring the next part of the Flame and Frost living story.

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