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    Guild Wars 2 Thief Bleeding Build

    The build I introduce to you today is the poisonous and blood of thief, which is mainly on the bleeding and poisoning supplemented, and has certain flexibility and oppressive, especially suitable for the arena.

    On the weapon, we can choose short bow and dual dagger; they both export by bleeding damage and have powerful AOE symptoms. We need to know that this set of build has intensive initiative points, so we should take reasonable advantage of the initiative points in the battle.

    Among all long-range weapons of thief, we will find the short bow consistent most with our high maneuverability and team support.
    thief skill.JPG

    The highlights of short bow:

    1, Trick Shot 's catapult can attack the plural enemies. When we are in the poisonous smog, it will catapult poisoning symptoms, which has a powerful AOE.

    2, Custer Bombs , is the main export means in the entire build of remote, with three layer of bloodshed. But before that we need to ensure that we have enough initiative points to save your life, so we will mainly use on the team support.

    3, Detonate Cluster, this is the short eruption skill of the short bow and has high damage and AOE., with which we usually can use to kill enemy. Due the lack of enough initiative points, we can not consume more on it. Therefore, we can only use it to escape or killing of whole team.

    4, Choking Gas is an exporting and harassing means with poisoning effect. It's rather powerful in the team and we can often use it as first skill in the team battles. Then cast the 2nd skill cluster bombs to start exporting.

    5, Shadow Asylum is a magical skill. After casting this skill, in the case of a circle, we and our allies will stay in a state of stealth on the condition of a circle. Once the circle disappears, we can stealth for 12s. What does it mean of so long stealth time? Yes, it means that we have a full initiative points, thus we can analyze our next battle well.

    On the trait, I emphasize on the Trickery which has 30 points, as a result, it makes the poisoning and bleeding effect much more obvious and the recovery of initiative points becomes very easy. For example, release the stealth at first and erupt with bleeding, with which we can weaken the foes very well. While the others trait line, you should make a choice according to your own needs.

    See my trait lines below:
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    Those powerful AOE symptoms, man, they'll export you straight to the shadow asylum.

    Link in post seems to lead to a site selling GW2 gold, so might wanna remove it. Just sayin.

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    Pistol/Dagger is the premier bleed weapon. Shortbow has good AoEs but thats about it in condi builds, Dagger/Dagger is also a bit weak for condi setups imo. The bleeds have good duration but the issue is the cost to apply them imo. Only really worthwhile in certain situations...

    Me trollin about with a bleed thief -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pExEV...vEavNg&index=1

    Most of what I got from the main text is something about analyzing exports from the shadow asylum while oppressing the arena with a blood thief. (I'm guessing a thief with necro secondary and vampiric touch... owait...)

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