Official scores not posted yet, let's go ahead and link to MOS instead. Will add pretty pictures when they're ready.

So! It's been ...... a week. ANet 180'd the decision to reset the ladder and didn't re-write the formula for the scoring. Many servers / groups / individuals had been planning on their tier getting shaken up to the point that they played certain ways, and well, that kinda bit them right on the butt. Oops. From personal experience, within 5 minutes of the announcement being made, the match I was in at the time got a hell of a lot more active, it was kinda funny.

I hoping to have a lot more to say this week, expecting the reset, but alas, this one's just going to be a short report.

In other tiers, I get the feeling a lot of people were feeling the strain on a potential reset, then the news of no reset. It's gonna take a long time for some tiers to really get an equal balance. Kaineng made it to tier 2, finally, and it looks like they're not set for a week of PvDoor. They should have some interesting matches with Blackgate and TC. Not all tiers have updated scores yet so I can't comment, but I do hope that they all find themselves in equal ability + coverage matchups in the near future.

Over in Europe, uh. Europe. \o_o/ Things do seem a little more stable over there, less volatile, though I know you guys are struggling a bit with off-peak games, I've been seeing a lot of hubbub over how "nightcapping" is affecting servers who have been unable to secure 24/7 coverage.

If any euros wish to provide some commentary over there, please feel free. I was only personally interested in Europe while PRX were over there, they're back on home soil now, so I really don't follow them as closely.

Fae's JQ report:

We had a fun few days of matches, we personally played with new groups, tactics and made a metric ton of motivational memes (I wont share them in public as they're not PG13 or friendly / impartial <_< but you know where to find me >_> ). We set up war camps by the wurm north of Bay and farmed people.... we set up a war camp in the NW corner of EB and farmed some more people, and just generally caused mischief where we could :3

This was SoR's debut to tier 1, which was ...... entertaining. Reset was a wee bit painful, but we adapted and they're a good bunch to be playing against, and their forum posts are mildly entertaining too. Nanny nanny choo choo.

On a personal note, I was involved with a StoneMist cap a few nights ago. We only meant to lay down 2 golems, but ended up dropping 25, and I think we had more golems than people. OOPS. So yeah, we strolled in, took SM. We had lost it shortly before, but decided this time we were taking it and keeping it. My guild claimed it, dropped our full set of WvW buffs on it and paid for the upgrades we could then spent the next hour running yaks, keeping camps green and keeping Stonemist happy. It was pretty epic. We've claimed lots and stuff before, even towers, but this was our first real claim where we've been responsible for stuff. We were all pretty pumped :D


So. How's your server doing with this non-reset? You stuck in a hole, or smashing face. :D Bring your stories of lulz.