Since I haven't been playing for some time now (probably not as long as I believe it to be), I'm talking more ignorantly than usual.

Is targetting closest enemy (next enemy? Not sure what exactly the description says, but I'm sure you know what I mean) still targetting the next enemy in a straight line, instead of the actually closest enemy?

If so, is there any reason to believe that will be changed any time? I.e. is that intended behaviour and I'm merely too stupid/ignorant/pampered by other games/whatever to understand why it's so much better than it was in GW1?
Or is it indeed a ridiculous bug that should actually have been reason enough to delay the game since targetting (and aggroing) neutral yellows that can one-shot you isn't really helpful or even making sense.

Having just experienced what screw-ups other game companies do (in this case, Eve online, CCP, new AI behaviour regarding Drones), I'm once more thinking about going back to GW2.
They did do several things right, and there is no monthly fee...