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    Balance Box Mesmer Edition (Update notes Apr 30)

    • Reduced mantra cast times from 3.25 seconds to 2.75 seconds.
    • Confounding Suggestions trait: Now functions with the Chaos Storm and Counter Blade skills.
    • Clones wielding a spear underwater now execute the full spear combo.
    • Mirror Blade skill: Added an unblockable skill fact.
    • Into the Void skill: Updated description to be more accurate (“Temporal Curtain”).
    • Mind Stab skill (one-handed sword combo): Renamed to Mind Spike.
    • Arcane Thievery skill: Now correctly transfers the boons removed from enemies and the conditions removed from the mesmer.
    • Moa Morph skill: Can be used while moving.
    • Moa transform flee: Reduced run distance and reduced cooldown from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.
    • Blinding Befuddlement trait:
    • Increased duration of applied confusion from 1 second to 4 seconds.
    • Can now trigger only once every 5 seconds on any target that is blinded by the mesmer.
    • Signet of Domination skill: Passive power increase now scales from 20-180, up from 10-90.
    • Illusion of Life skill: Players can no longer circumvent the vengeance properties. Increased cast time by 0.5 seconds.
    • Distortion skill: No longer allows capture of control points in all formats or communing in PvP.

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    IoL update makes me a bit sad. Didn't use it much, but it came in hand every now an then when something had just a bit of health left.
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