Originally, I was all about the gun offhand. But, having learned the awesomeness that is Phantasmal Warden, I converted to Focus (plus, I love the skin from the HoM).

Today, I found a torch and equipped it because I forgot what the skill were. Now, I love confusion - reminds me of my Dom build in GW1. Does anyone use torch for this purpose? What I had been doing was create three clones, then drop a Feedback bubble (if in a group), use Confusing Images while shattering the three clones. I've managed to stack over 25 confusion this way, if the group is using enough ranged.

On my own, of course, that's only 6 confusion. Not too bad, but with Torch, I could get up to 9 if I time it right. Send clones in for shatter, hit Confusing Images, when clones are shattered, use Phantasmal Mage.

Or is it just not worth it because of the recharge or time between its casts?