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    WvW Rankings: Feb 15th 2013 : Get your siege on!

    Again, waiting for the main scoreboard pretty pictures to update, so let's use Millennium.


    Over in the US tiers, the extremely dominant SoS have lost a few forces this past week, with some of their biggest name guilds moving over to Blackgate and it's definitely showing in the 24/7 coverage game with SoS coming in with a respectable third. SoR are definitely showing they have something to prove and are definitely a force not to take lightly on the battlefield. Will it be a matter of time before Blackgate are in tier 1, or will SoS rally and dominate again. LET'S FIND OUT.

    Kaineng have hit a roadblock in tier 2, and Blackgate are doing a good job of keeping them down. It's been fun keeping an eye on tier 2, I really want a wvw obs mode :( I know it will never ever happen because LOL WHUT. But I'd love to see some of y'alls matches :D

    *waves little flags for Sorrow's Furnace* I feel for you guys, and I hope you can get out of tier 8 one of these days. Y'all seem pretty fun guys, just the rating system is stuffing you over big time. Boo.

    Over in Europe. Um. Europe \o_o/

    Desolation holding steady at 2nd place in tier 1, with the French Vizunah lot kicking tail there. Go go Desolation! *waves little flags again*

    As always, I'll post the score images when ANet posts em, so if you like little pictures, stay tuned!

    How's WvW been for everyone else recently? Those who transferred are you all settling into your new communities? Any lulzy stories to tell?

    Only funny thing that happened here this week is uh, one of our Oceanic commanders went crazy and sieged up SoR's north camp. And we had fun. Can't say I've ever seen 3 trebs in open field combat before, but that was fun.

    Oh, and one of the guilds I'm in, we did EB JP ports for 8 hours over a 24 hour period and we got a lot of donations. Much <3 to JQ :D

    So that was a fun way to kill a few hours on Thursday night. Poor Mesmer of mine, in Exotics and all she ever gets used for is portals :( Then spent the next hour transferring that siege to a guildie. I only ended up accidentally placing 2 pieces. GO ME.

    Oh, and from the previous week, our Malhavoc, the engie mod went and built all god's siege on a boat in bay. Yeah, we had fun that night and experimented with treb shots. ALL HAIL TREB BOAT.

    Man, I really wish I had more to say about Europe WvW, sorry D:

    As always, any JQ players, hit me up yo. We're always looking for more talent and lulz on our roster. Jaaaayyyy keeewwww

    Now if you don't mind, I have a Garrison to look after.

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    Aurora Glade is in Tier 4 \o/
    Sure most likely we'll get back to 5 next week, but we're tier 4 \o/

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