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    Quote Originally Posted by satenia View Post
    Actually, I realized how watered down the combat in GW2 is. In GW1, you have to pay far more attention to what type of enemies you are fighting, prioritizing certain classes, interrupting certain skills... not to mention that you have to decide between moving (out of AoE) and casting. Fighting some of the WiK mobs with their player-inspired builds really had me remember what proper combat is supposed to be like. GW2 has none of that finesse, the answer to everything is simply the omni-potent dodge-button.
    Yes, I had the same feeling. I (naturally) had forgotten about Defend Droknar's Forge (active on one of the characters I was bringing through), but decided to continue on (I was running this with three characters at the same time so only a party of 6, effectively). Switching between foes (heart first, then set the interrupting hero on that one and the rest on the other, etc) made me feel the lack of true interrupts and actual need for foe switching...
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    Quote Originally Posted by satenia View Post
    Actually, I realized how watered down the combat in GW2 is.
    I'm not going to trash one really good game to feel good about another.

    GW1 has a lot to offer in terms of combat, and much of it is in terms of team builds and team dynamics.

    GW2 has better single-character combat, but that means that in most places you're also fighting alone against few enemies, so team combat is not the core gameplay.

    Both great games imo...
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