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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Van Der Sloot View Post
    This deserves posting.
    look at page 1
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Rhonwyn View Post
    I went into TM yesterday, but as I couldn't even find a way to the first cloud without dying (I did climb the tree, grabbed a balloon, jumped down on the bush underneath and died. And again. And again. Oh, and while standing on that bush.) I don't think I'll try that again. I don't like to hit a brick wall 3 times in a row, it's not my type of game.
    I'd gladly help anyone with TM, but if you don't enjoy it.... well it only gets worse in world 2. So best to save yourself the agony. This really is only for gluttons for punishment.

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    Yes, I'll be leaving that mode alone. Glad it's a complete different meta...
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    World 1 in Tribulation Mode is not that bad. Various grass patches drop you in lava, or have spikes come out of them. But you can identify these areas, and avoid them. Most large and medium sized loose rocks will stomp you, often knocking you into something deadly. Some colors of flower will explode, and all power ups also explode. And you don't want to linger on the checkpoint too long, or it will also crush you. Eventually the pattern becomes pretty clear: Just take the longest route you can, and hop across small rocks if you can, because they are probably there for a reason.

    But once you reach world 2, it becomes a lot harder. The spiked areas become much harder to identify, since there are no longer clear patches of grass. And the worlds are more linear, so the amount of traps you run into increase as well. Especially zone 3 of world 2 is devious, because you are forced to platform across the tiniest of platforms, and there's no other path. But perhaps worst of all is zone 2 of world 2, because of two bugged checkpoints. One respawns you endlessly in deadly spikes, and another simply doesn't work (causing you to go back to the previous bugged checkpoint). Without that infinite continue coin from the store, I would not even attempt it. Because the bugged checkpoint alone will consume hundreds of lives (2 or 3 lives with each death).

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