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    Be an extra in the Horrorween trailer!

    EXTRA EDIT: I'm moving the recording to this Sunday. Some of the rendering messed up the time I have to do recordings, plus I had a reunion that ran really late. I haven't had much sleep lately with all the work on the trailer, so my apologies for anyone waiting to be in the video.

    I'm still trying my best to finish the trailer for the Horrorween in time. This next saturday I'll be shooting footage in Lornar's Pass. If you are on the Aurora Glade server, and you want to have a cameo, then now is your chance.

    You can bring any character you want, but since we're shooting in the Shiverpeaks, warm clothing is preferred. Don't bring outlandish costumes, but just things that look normal and practical (no bright pink costumes). If you have a Norn character, even better, since you'll blend right in. If you can dress in thick winter clothing, that would be perfect.

    We'll gather in Lornar's Pass saturday evening october 17th. You'll receive further instructions there. And sure, you can bring friends, and people from other guilds. The more the merrier.
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    Thanks a lot to everyone who showed up. It took quite a while just to record that one shot. We were being plagued with technical problems, and people deliberately disrupting the recording. Now that is over and done with, I can get back to recording all the other scenes. Thanks again everyone!

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