it's halloween time, we can get a mask or grab bag from lion's arch (50 candy corn) and kamadan (50 pumpkin cookies)
yes, you can get both once with your account

and of course trick or treat bags (ToT's) drop again (also in pre searing)

then we have many quests to get more ToT's (a few of them give you a new kind of build)

the npc's and drops were this year (2013) 1 day late..... but who cares? (well, alot of people did rage about 1 day..... really)

thats only 2013, but most likely will stay the same

nice to see the item collectors again, to get sweet stuff, party stuff (especially the spammable ghost in the box :P ) and drunkard stuff

i'll do the 2 quests in LA which are easy enough to do, which are and

then in kamadan i get 4, which are:

easy and give alot of ToT's already (not counting the drops)
and that on all chars which can get that far o_O

i'm even working on elona (wanted to do that anyway) and so will be able to do em with my other chars too

[offtopic]if anyone's good at and , please PM me if you'd like to help, cuz i suck at those 2, already have a few chars at the first one (will get the other few there sooner or later), and only want it done for storyline (means on NM, and no need for masters)[/offtopic]

anyway, lets have fun at the finals too, to get more stuff but in the meantime we just should quest around, and sometimes take those weak henchies with us for fun

note: i gave links to make it easier to remember if you dont

have fun, and have a nice halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnn this year
watch out, mad king thorn will joke you to death when he joins the party (wish there was a summoning stone with him as summon)
oh yea, you could also check if there are any fanmade events again, like giveaways and such

ps. can any mod sticky this for later years? would be nice to see only 1 topic for it every year, i'll remove the asking for help part (and this note) after the event