GWOnline’s Friends

Guild Wars was always defined by its community, and Guild Wars 2 is no different. Already before release the number of Guild Wars 2 fansites, blogs, podcasts, radio stations and YouTube channels were almost beyond counting. Here at GWOnline we of course want to do our part in spreading the love, with our FANtastic Friends program. Cheesy as the name may be, it is also true, because all of our friends are, in deed, fantastic!

We love all our friends dearly, but we also got a lot of them. We have therefore decided to use our front page to showcase a subset of Friends, and use this page as a list of all our friends.

GuildWars2 LIVE ExitializFlame Throwing

TalkTyriaUnder The Pale Tree GW-EN Dragon Season

GuildMag The Tyrian Order Ebonhawke.comGuildWars2Hub