Join the GWOnline Team is looking for people to round up our Content and Community teams. If you are a talented person passionate about Guild Wars 2, we want you on board. And if you know someone else who fits the description, point them in our direction as well!

The GWOnline team is a friendly bunch and we have loads of great ideas that are just waiting for someone to run with them. We are also very easy-going and you will have a lot of freedom to pursue your own pet projects apart from your “main” role. As long as it is quality stuff, we are just thrilled to see what you might come up with. ūüėÄ

News Updater

Role: As a News Updater your role is to update our front page with Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 news that our community might enjoy reading about. This includes official ArenaNet news (from their blog, Facebook, Twitter etc), interviews, media coverage and community news. Our goal is to offer quality news coverage and we hope that you feel the same way. To be able to offer round-the-clock service we are looking for at least two people to fill this role.

You are: A person who enjoys being the first to find those Guild Wars 2 news snippets and tell your friends all about them. You visit several Guild Wars 2 communities on a daily basis and you are probably following loads of ArenaNet employees on Twitter on the off chance they will say something new about Guild Wars 2. You are witty and can give a personal spin on the news that you report.


Role: As a GWOnline columnist you are a regular blogger for our main page and you write about Guild Wars 2 from your own personal point of view. As long as you provide good content you are free to choose your own subject(s), although we do have a few in mind as well – Guides, PvP, fashion, server life, technology, sound/music, community creations (fanfic, art, videos etc), humour etc.

You are: A person with¬†excellent writing skills and a passion for the Guild Wars¬†franchise.¬†You probably have a thing for a specific aspect Guild Wars 2 that you don’t think is getting enough attention from the community. If you are active on social media and/or other Guild Wars online communities that is great too.

Article Writer

Role: We have chosen to make the article writer a separate role from the columnist (even though individual people of course can write both columns and articles!). The article writer is someone who writes about Guild Wars 2 from a more “professional” point of view, where the pieces usually involve third-party sources, quotes and less editorialising. Typically you would take your cue from a recent news piece or community controversy and work your way to the truth. Offering original well-researched content for our community.

You are: An inquisitive person who likes to get to the bottom of things. You obviously have good writing skills and are not afraid to ask anyone anything.


Role: As an editor you proof-read and format the content that goes up on the main page. Maybe add some images or relevant videos. Basically polishing the content so it looks it’s very best. Both before and after publication, since sometimes pieces go up in a hurry.

You are: A person¬†with an excellent grasp of UK English.¬†Full-fledged grammer nitpicker. The person we are looking for read the previous sentence and immediately wanted to post a comment pointing out the mistake. You also have an eye for what makes a catchy headline and where to put images and headers for a good flow. And you are patient with people who never learn how to make a headline that fits in the space provided. ūüėČ

Graphical Artist

Role: As a graphical artist you will help us maintain a coherent graphical profile for all our content, specifically different logotypes and banners. We are currently in an exciting stage where we will start to add graphical cues to all of our content categories, which you would of course be a key part of. If you wanted to provide illustrations for our writers, or write an art column yourself, that would be cool too.

You are: Very artistic (duh) with a keen eye for what does and what does not look good together. Which programs/methods you use to create your art we do not want to meddle in, but we would like you to be able to deliver art in different digital formats. If you are in to video editing/splash-making that would be swell too.

Social Media Manager

Role: As our social media manager you are the main responsible for keeping tabs on our social media outlets (currently YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, although we would like to be on Google+ and other places too). Keeping them updated with all our site news, making sure questions are answered and comments validated. You would also be the main responsible for re-tweeting our friends’ original content as well as any other piece of interesting Guild Wars 2 news.

You are: Knowledgeable about social media outlets and someone who probably already spend a lot of time following Guild Wars 2 this way. You are also a calm and friendly person that is not easily riled by rude comments.

Video Trawler

Role: As our resident video trawler, you find interesting Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 videos and bring them to our community’s attention. By making main page spotlights where warranted, but also by adding videos to our ever-growing archive of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 videos at GWOnline TV.

You are: A person who likes to find videos and share those finds with others. You are probably subscribed to every major Guild Wars 2 channel on YouTube already, and jump for joy whenever a new awesome fan-made trailer or music remix surfaces.

Guest Talent

Role: This is the position that is not a position, but rather an open invitation to all the talented people out there who may not be looking for anything permanent but still would like to contribute.¬† ūüėÄ

You are: A person who is passionate about the Guild Wars series, and have something to share with the community.  It could be a guest blog, a fanfic, a video, or something else equally awesome. You probably already have your own blog/YouTube channel/podcast/fansite, although it is not a given.

The Fine Print

Good news is that you get the same pay as the rest of us. Bad news is that we don’t get paid. is a fan-run site and our revenue goes to keep the site running. That said, as a member of our content team you are free to use your position to promote yourself (like including our name and your work from here in portfolios).

How to Apply!

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact us by sending an e-mail to paul@incgamers. Please include an example of your work and a short blurb about what you would like to do at GWOnline. Since we are flexible about how the positions/roles are filled we will discuss with applicants how they may contribute on a case-by-case basis, and will add people to the team continuously until further notice.
So do not hesitate, send in your application today. You could be a part of the team already tomorrow!

About GWOnline

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